Map editor dump part 4

Okay this is actually the element list, and the final dump from the file. It’s not nearly complete, it’s probably not in it’s final form, but it’s an attempt at trying to define each of the individual elements I’m going to have to code. Also right now I’m going to focus on the tile pane, so the other parts are left blank on purpose.

Here’s the text:

Created November 20th 2008:

Map editor elements
Tileset pane
Tileset tab - will have tabbed windows for tileset creation and each tileset:
create tileset button
import tileset button
export tileset button
delete tileset button

under tileset buttons:
list of created tilesets

current tileset tab:
current tile box - display image of current tile and buttons:
image of tile, attempt to fit.

beside current tile image:
add tiles button
remove tile button
import tile button - like add new tile but replaces current tile index
zoom in button
zoom out button

list box - under current tile box:
a smaller thumbnail beside a name of the tile.

create tile / import tile window:
file button
done button
width edit box
height edit box
use whole image button
grab all tiles button
listbox at top right for tile/image names
current image box left bottom,
current tile box on right bottom
layer pane
Editor itself
file drop down menu
new map option
save as option
save option
open map option
exit option

End of Text.

I still need work, but it’s a good start.

Anyways thanks for reading.


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