Prototype-of-a-Prototype — Hypno-Joe test

Okay so basically I copped out and finished this thing as quickly as possible. I could have added more stuff to make this more game friendly but I got tired of working on it… a couple of weeks of actual work, but more than a month off-and-on. Since this is just a single game mechanic with a simple win and lose condition I didn’t include a menu or instructions or anything. I probably will make a video of it in a week or so assuming anyone plays it. This is written for windows and xna, so you need xna game studio 2.0 to be able deploy and run this thing. I decided I would probably ditch this and go through a book called Building XNA 2.0 Games by James Silva and John Sedlak, since it has some things in it which would be beneficial to this type of game. But for completeness decided to release it.

Note since there’s no instructions here they are :

Goal is to exit the level without being “killed”. You can be killed one of two ways, either by the facepalm (giant floating hand) or the brainless dummy (walking dude). When you’re killed the program simply exits. If you can find a way to make the program exit without getting killed one of these two ways, you have won. You may control the Dummy by hypnotizing him, and then when you’re close to him in the hypnotic state you must hit the “fire” button again. I’m just getting an idea if it’s interesting to people to make a game based around this. You can use both mouse and xbox 360 controller. If the controller is connected mouse and keyboard doesn’t function, otherwise you use mouse and keyboard.

Keyboard controls: A,D to move, W to jump. Use the mouse to rotate Joe’s eyes, and left mouse button to fire the “hypnosis bolts” to hypnotize the enemies.

Xbox 360 controller controls - left trigger to jump, right trigger to fire “hypnosis bolts”. Left thumbstick to move left and right, or dpad, right thumbstick to move Joes eyes. Note you need to push the thumbstick out a bit because there’s a dead spot, but it will stay in the position you left it.

ESC will exit the program when no controller is hooked up, otherwise you must use the controller’s “back” button (left of the xbox guide button).

This is a really junky program to demonstrate the hypnosis mechanic. Anyways, thanks.

Here’s the link:


Edit: I was told that a ccgame file is sort of a pain because you need the full visual studio and xna game studio 2.0 installation to deploy a cc game. So instead I decided to package it directly into the zip so that if you have the runtimes you can just run it without installing everything else.

Edit: I went ahead and got the info for what you need to run the game.
First you need the Microsoft XNA Framework redistributable found here.
Next you need the .NET 2.0 framework redistributable here.
The .NET 2.0 Framework service pack 1 which is here.
Finally you need Direct-X 9c runtimes. The web installer is right here.
A small note, someone was telling me that if you’re running vista and you have direct-x 10, you may need 9 as well to run this. Also it requires a display of at least 1280×720 (recommend 1280×1024), and windows xp/vista. It’s possible if you have all of the above you could run it on windows 2000.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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